Salt Pond Studio

2022 Summer Exhibition:

Paintings by Brian Woods

When:    August 9th – 21st

Opening Reception:    August 13th,  4-8pm

Artist Bio:

Brian Woods is a self-taught artist and a proud grandfather of two. He is a designer/builder with a background in historic preservation.

Brian has worn many hats during his career. He has been involved in set construction for major period films, he has been a downhill ski coach, an educator in the field of architectural history, a graphic designer, and is recently involved in numerous historical and modern design and building projects. in the Friendship/Cushing area.

Brian is an avid painter. HIs canvases celebrate a generation of fisherman on the Maine coast who are sadly seeing the world pass them by. Brians’s paintings evoke the solitary lives of the hardworking folk and the austere beauty of coastal Maine. 

Brian  Woods and his wife nancy have made Friendship, Maine their home, and the town is enriched by their presence. They divide their time between their mainland house and their historic property on Friendship Long Island, known locally as “The Old Maids Paradise” or the “OMP” for short. 

On Display @ Salt Pond Studio:

For Information or to purchase any of these works:

For Information or to purchase any of these works: